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Established in 2006 by Santiago R. Perez, srpLAB is focused on rethinking Design + Making in the 21st century, with an interdisciplinary approach towards Architecture and Design.

srpLAB is an interdisciplinary design practice promoting research and discovery through MAKING. The confluence of emerging fabrication technologies, generative modeling and interactive architecture, forms the core of our research. The development of new modes of practice linking these forms of experimentation with Environmentally Innovative Strategies for Design & Fabrication, informs our teaching, research and practice.

Santiago R. Pérez is currently a Lecturer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture, teaching Design Studios + Seminars exploring the intersection of Design + Making. He is active in writing and publishing, focusing on a critical examination of Design through the lens of Technology and Material-Practice, within the larger sphere of Social + Environmental Innovation.

Between 2010 – 2016, Pérez held a position as the 21st Century Chair Assistant Professor of Integrated Practice at the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture, developing new initiatives related to “Craft, Advanced Digital Fabrication & Robotics in Architecture.”

Pérez received a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1991. As a recipient of the Tamaki Fellowship, he was a researcher in residence in the office of Tadao Ando in Osaka, and the AMORPHE office in Tokyo, headed by Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama.

Pérez combines his passion and training in architecture, with steadily emerging talents as a Digital / Robotic Craft innovator and educator, combining advanced digital fabrication and computation with traditional craft practices, towards a confluence of the hand and technology that he has termed “FABCRAFT.”  Working with his students to realize large-scale, complex material assemblies, Pérez is developing new ways of fabricating architecture with emerging technologies and materials.

Pérez has developed installations and work striving to combine the teachings of his early mentor, Tadao Ando, with the more recent inspiration derived by encounter with emerging material practices informed by new technologies.  Pérez is devoting his research through making, towards a critical questioning of technology, actively seeking to find more relevant and thoughtful applications of Craft + Advanced  Fabrication in the pursuit of architecture.

The development of an ethic based in learning through direct engagement with material practice has been one of the primary endeavors in his installed work, as both an educator and innovator. Recent installations include:

Robotically Fabricated Pavilion for the Fayetteville Bike Trail     Fayetteville AR 2015

Viewing Pavilion for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bachman Wilson Usonian House Bentonville AR (opening 2015)

FabCraft  Computational Design + Fabrication Exhibit                                    sUgAR gallery, Bentonville AR 2011

MicroLiving Pavilions: Full-Scale Fabricated Prototypes                           Lawndale Arts Center, Houston, Texas 2009

Buffalo Bayou BentWood Cloud Installation                                                    Houston, Texas 2008


Pérez has published and lectured widely on the relation between craft and digital fabrication.  Recent publications include:

Towards an Ecology of Making  published in                                                     MATTER: MATERIAL PROCESSES IN ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTION.

ParaBodies: Rethinking Material InTuition in the Age of Parametric Design  published in UNCONVENTIONAL COMPUTING: DESIGN METHODS FOR                                  ADAPTIVE ARCHITECTURE

Structural and Material Innovation in Architecture published in               OUTSIDE THE BOX: CARDBOARD DESIGN NOW.


As an invited panelist and lecturer,  Pérez contributes to the development of critical practice and thinking with respect to FABCRAFT. A partial list of recent invited lectures and panel discussions includes:

Rethinking Wright:                                                                                                        Adapting Usonian Principles in 21st Century Architecture                        Lecture: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville AR, May 21, 2014

Fabcraft: Crafting the Future with Digital Fabrication                                            Lecture : Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Jan. 17, 2012

High Performance Craft Symposium                                                         Panelist: University of Washington College of Built Environments May, 2011

The Digital Imagination: Art, Design & Computing   Lecture: University of Oregon’s Distinguished Speakers Series 2009

DESIGN LIFE NOW: NATIONAL DESIGN TRIENNIAL                                                   Panelist: Contemporary Arts Center Houston, 2008



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