The FAYETTEVILLE BIKE TRAIL ROBOTICALLY FABRICATED PAVILION demonstrates the first project produced using a 6-Axis Robot Arm, at the Fay Jones School of Architecture in the Spring 2015 semester. The project is the result of an intensive design, fabrication and installation initiative from the 5th year ROBOTIC FABRICATION STUDIO, directed by Santiago R. Perez. Students were immersed in the rapid development of new skills including experimental material-processes, parametric modelling, and learning how to implement robotic trajectory control using the CRANE (rhino-grasshopper plugin) software developed originally for use in the SCIARC Robot House. Special thanks to Jake Newsum, Robot Lab Director at SCIARC, for getting us started with our 6-axis Staubli RX 160. Additional thanks to Brian Harms, developer of the original CRANE plugin, for his assistance and consultation.

Stacking Video may be seen here.

Additional project images may be seen here.

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