I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the final jury for the DIGITAL TECTONICS review at the Institute for Advanced Architecture in Barcelona this summer.

Special thanks to Marta Male-Alemany for her kind invitation, and Luis Fraguada for his warm welcome. The students presented an impressive array of new technologies and custom prototyping systems, pointing the way towards the future of digital fabrication.

More information here.


The Jury:

Jelle Feringa (Hyperbody Group, TU Delft) Luis Fraguada (IAAC, BAD
Barcelona) Carlos Ipser (DHUB, Barcelona) Santiago Martín (Vórtica) Oscar
Pérez (KUKA Ibérica) Santiago R. Pérez (Fay Jones School of Architecture,
University of Arkansas) Jose Pedro Sousa (FAUP Porto and FCTUC Coimbra)
Josep Perelló ( Jordi Truco (Director of ADDA, Elisava)



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